Livestock / Bloodstock

At Chesterfield Group Latin America we are always concerned about the advances and changes that the Insurance market undergoes. The Livestock Insurance is no exception. These have evolved to meet the demands of these sectors to offer personalized insurance that covers each of those sectors. These Insurances are designed and developed for your specific needs.

This type of insurance covers a diversity of subjects

  • Agricultural
  • Livestock
  • Aquaculture
  • Fish Farming
  • Live animals

You will benefit from a single point of contact and a dedicated team that will attend to all your needs.

We can offer coverage for:

  • Individual animals in Zoological Parks
  • Livestock: Cattle, Pigs, Poultry
  • Deer, Alpacas, Elk and Llamas
  • Aquatic and Exotic
  • Working Dogs (Police Dogs, Security Dogs)
  • Embryos and Semen
  • Fine Blood Animals
  • Care, Custody and Control Policies of Animal Hospitals
  • Prospective Calf
  • Government killing diseases, including avian influenza (territory dependent) and loss of income
  • Fish Farming


Mauricio Loyola

Managing Director Latam
T: +56 (2) 267 31 228
M: +56 (9) 713 57 788


Leonardo Contreras

Jefe Comercial
T: +56 (2) 267 31 228
M: +56 (9) 777 83 529