Personal Lines

Chesterfield Group Latin America offers a wide range of specialized products, all managed by our expert Insurance Brokers who understand the risks our clients face and the best way to cover these risks, using the best options available.

Insured Matter

Damage or loss is covered to:

  • Motor vehicles
  • House
  • Home Insurance
  • Personal accidents
  • Travel Assistance
  • Personal Accident

Basic Coverage

Losses or direct damage to the insured material, originated by the following external causes, are insured:

  1. Fire, for any cause.
  2. Theft, as well as the damages caused by said crime or its attempt.
  3. Explosion.
  4. Collision with moving or stationary objects, overturning and landslide.
  5. Accidents that occur to the Beneficiaries
  6. Flood, storm, gale, avalanches and hail.
  7. Earthquake, volcanic eruption or other convulsion of nature.
  8. Total or Partial Loss of the vehicle.
  9. Home assistance, plumbing, locksmith and electricity.

As the alternatives and options can be so varied, we invite you to contact our professionals who will provide the necessary guidance and support to discover the best coverage that will keep your assets and your family fully protected against unforeseen events.


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