Political Violence / Terrorism

Our professional brokers have successfully supported a wide range of clients, on a Worldwide basis from major Industrial and Commercial Enterprises to Hotels and Hospitality risks.

As your broker, we will negotiate the most competitive terms on your behalf in all major insurance local markets. Our specialist Political Violence team has excellent technical knowledge, plus a deep understanding of the risks you face and how best to protect them with Insurance Companies of first level.

You will benefit from a single point of contact and a dedicated team that will service all your Political Violence and Terrorism insurance needs and requirements.

Product List

We provide expert assistance for the Following perils and exposures:

  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Sabotage
  • Riots, Strikes and/or Civil Commotion
  • Malicious Damage
  • Insurrection, Revolution or Rebellion
  • Mutiny and/or Coup d’Etat
  • War and/or Civil War
  • Terrorism Liability
  • Looting


Mauricio Loyola

Managing Director Latam
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Sebastian Barbera

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