Contingency Risks

As contingency specialist Reinsurance Brokers, Chesterfield has designed a comprehensive Reinsurance programme for the event industry. Comprised of a number of individual covers, each can be attained independently or as a package tailored to an individual event, such as but not limited to:

  • Corporate events
  • Sporting events
  • Trade shows
  • Music festivals
  • Music tours
  • Theatre productions

Cancellation and Abandonment

This includes all reimbursement of incurred and unrecoverable expenses and the loss of anticipated net profit on the event.

Non-Appearance and Non-Performance

Cover can also be extended to include Cancellation and Abandonment due to Non Appearance and Non Performance of the key act due to circumstances beyond the control of the Insured, including Illness, Death, Accident and Travel Delay of named persons.

National Mourning

Where the event is cancelled due to the death of an agreed member of State, Congress or any other named person which would give rise to the event being cancelled.

Adverse Weather

Outdoor events can be covered against Cancellation, Abandonment and Postponement due to Adverse Weather conditions.

Prize Indemnity

Covers the value of prizes that may be won by participants of promotional events. Example as hole in one insurance in Golf.

Event Liability

Covers event organisers for public liabilities arising out of their events.


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