Medical Malpractice

Chesterfield has extensive experience in this type of Reinsurance.

This Medical Malpractice insurance is aimed, as its name suggests, for medical and health professional personnel, in order to guarantee that if they make any mistake in their professional practice and a court of law determines that the third party is guilty. Who received the malpractice is compensated by the Reinsurer.

This product is fully specialized in a professional sector and covers you from any failure or error that you may exercise during the performance of your profession.


The coverage of this insurance covers the Medical Liability incurred by the insured in case of error, negligence or mistake in the provision of the services of the medicine.

You must necessarily have a competent and current university degree and the respective license or patent that enables you to act within the territory of the Republic of Chile. Likewise, the error, negligence or mistake must translate into bodily or patrimonial damages that occur during the term of the policy and that affect third parties professionally cared for by the insured, all in accordance with the provisions and prescriptions of this Reinsurance policy.


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