Treaty Reinsurance

One size does not fit all. Ever-changing economic circumstances, worldwide and domestic loss scenarios require experienced flexible partners with the ability to be innovative.

Treaty Reinsurance is the life blood of insurance. It allows the industry to leverage its capital on a day to day basis. Reinsurance security is therefore of paramount importance when placing your treaty protections.

Our relationships with all the major non-marine treaty markets allows us to compete with the market whilst providing the kind of very personal service and risk profiling every serious insurance company requires. We work very closely with our clients to develop appropriate reinsurance solutions helping them identify their “best case” protection package. Our aim is to help you grow your business and profitability.

Our Clients

  • Insurance and Reinsurance Companies throughout the world
  • Reinsurance Brokers
  • Captive Insurance Companies
  • Specialists in Europe (including Eastern Europe), Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and the Indian

Our Products

  • Specific class Treaty - Fire, Motor, Casualty, Catastrophe
  • Proportional and Non-Proportional
  • Facultative Support
  • Structuring advice and monitoring


Paul Cousins

Executive Director
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Mauricio Loyola

Managing Director Latam
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