We help protect your most valuable assets

We all have valuable possessions, the loss of which would represent a decrease in our wealth and a financial burden. That is why it is very important to protect them, for which we give the following suggestions:

Take all necessary measures

We must take all possible precautions to minimize the risk of losing our possessions. We must have at least one fire extinguisher in the home or office to support us in the event of a fire threat, and keep a list of emergency numbers next to our telephone, and on our mobile to be able to call if necessary.

Have insurance

Before hiring it, a physical inventory of all our goods must be carried out, in writing with the description, invoice value, serial number of your devices, etc. This allows us to know in detail everything we have, in addition, this information will be useful in the event of a claim to speed up the compensation process. If possible, invoices should also be kept. For added security, we may keep a copy elsewhere to protect them in case our files are consumed by a possible fire. At Chesterfield Group Latin America we have professionals who can guide you about the products available, and will provide all their advice.

Go further

There are other strategies to protect our assets. In addition to recording our possessions on paper as an inventory, we can develop a system to record them, prevent them from being sold on the black market, and help the police identify them if they are found. We can achieve this by creating our own identification system based on numbers. In the event of theft, we can pass on to the police a list of what was stolen along with their identification numbers. One way to achieve this, for example, is by engraving. This system can help us to obtain better conditions in our insurance. Additionally, goods with identification numbers or that show signs of being stolen are always more difficult to sell on the black market.

Another measure is to make a video describing the objects: date of purchase, estimated value and identification number. In addition, we can record the exteriors of our home, which will be useful in the event of a natural disaster claim.

If we decide on a written inventory, remember that we can enrich it with photographs. Even the most comprehensive homeowners policy will not help us unless we take the necessary steps to achieve adequate inventory and protection for our belongings.