Chesterfield Group Latin America we are always concerned about the advances and changes that the Insurance market undergoes. Mass or Affinity Insurance were created in recent years to offer personalized insurance that covers a group of people with common interests or belonging to the same group or sector. These Insurances are designed and developed for your specific needs.

Types of Affinity Insurance

  • Sports Insurance (specific for each discipline)
  • Insurance for vehicle rental companies (rent car)
  • Insurance for Notebook or Tablet (specific electronic products)}
  • Home Insurance
  • Many other Insurance difficult to specify

Affinity Insurance is aimed mainly at household components and electronic devices but, at the same time, covers a wide range of products and services depending on the type of channel and target market, we develop the Affinity Insurance that best suits your needs. . Such as the specific features developed for credit cards and other means of payment.


Mauricio Loyola

Managing Director Latam
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M: +56 (9) 713 57 788



Sebastian Barbera

T: +56 (2) 267 31 228
M: +56 (9) 842 85 912